Welcome Soul-Inspired Leader, Evolutionary Goddess,

Thank you for listening to your deep desire to experience a more confident, magical, passionate, abundant, satisfying and liberated life. Whether this program is a perfect fit for you or not I invite you to read this whole page, it’s a gift to you straight from my heart and is my most empowering program yet.

What does Being an Invincible Woman mean?  


Invincible is the closest english word I can find to describe how I feel on a consistent basis.

An experience of authentic confidence and inner liberation, sourced within - that fuels a capacity to know what needs to be done next (radiant clarity in decision-making) and courageously doing so without concern for how the world will respond.

It’s doesn’t mean someone has it all figured out, that they're living all their dreams - it speaks more to how they navigate life, how they handle situations that come their way with confidence, clarity, joy, trust, ease, magic. That they are empowered with a deep understanding of how life works and how to create what they desire.

They are taking consistent inspired actions towards their dreams. 

When something unexpected arises that would in the past have spun them into despair, whether in relationship, health or business….They know handle it with grace and deep knowingness: un-phased.

This kind of Invincibility comes from a Graceful Inner Strength, an intimate knowingness of who you are and what you’re here to share. It comes from a balance of masculine and feminine, from being connected to your own unique version of divinity. It comes from understanding the Essential Laws that determine how emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and energy work together in creating results - either ones you've consciously chosen, or ones that arise from your default patterning.

It is phenomenally magnetic! Draws to you the types of situations, results, relationships, money that you desire.

Why I have created this Opportunity; the passion fueling this offer:   

I feel this intense passion whenever I see/hear/experience a woman taking something personally, hesitating to take action, dimming their light, afraid to share their gifts, or spending hours or days in overwhelm, stress or worry about something that has or hasn't happened - the amount of unnecessary suffering I witness brings tears to my eyes. I so deeply desire these women to shine, to have a purpose-filled meaningful life!

The amount of fear holding powerful goddesses back, the trapped feeling of repeating patterns and reacting to the world through insecurities touches me.

We all chose to come here during this time Together, to assist in the shift in consciousness, as a team, united in sisterhood and soul understanding. I deeply desire for us to sustainably create a new world together, a world I am excited to raise my future children in - the world needs your True Essence NOW and I will do whatever I can to support you.

I desire and choose to lift my fellow sisters out of Drama and into Passionate Living - when they are truly bored with the drama, stress, overwhelm and choosing to be ready.

(Assisting you is partly selfish - I Want to receive your gifts and wisdom, and to witness what the world will become with you shining brightly!)

Who I used to be: A woman exhausted by... 

  • Taking things personally often, even if someone simply looked at me a certain way
  • Feeling like my presence wasn’t wanted in social gatherings or groups
  • Acting cold and distant towards women who were living the life I wanted (jealousy/competition)
  • Giving away my gifts without clear boundaries, agreements, or compensation
  • Playing the miserable Blame Game with myself, others, society, government
  • Struggling financially and wondering if I should give up on my dreams
  • Wondering if I could really Make It as an entrepreneur or if I should stop kidding myself and get a job
  • Reveling in downward spirals and emotional turbulence for days
  • Consistent underlying sadness and anxiety
  • Business/projects derailed by triggers in relationships, romantic and family

Me in 2008

Here’s the deal:

All the marketing, funnels, sales strategies won't do you ANY GOOD if you're scattered, taking things personally, emotionally overwhelmed, easily thrown off your center, in turbulent relationships, hesitant to take action, confused and in self-doubt.

You need Confidence and Invincible Inner Mindset to take consistent inspired actions and to Magnetize your ideal purpose-aligned work/clients.

To enjoy Your Version of Liberated Success.

Without emotional mastery, magnetic mindsets and clear confidence you won’t be able to effectively implement the business strategies: You will be exhausted from starting and restarting to work on offers, being inefficient with your time, emotional processing, and worst of all, repelling ideal clients that need you.

This is specifically designed for you if you're experiencing any of the following: 

  • Often feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or unclear what to do
  • Having a great idea you’re super motivated about one day, a couple days later you lose steam and feel like a failure.
  • Wondering what’s wrong with you, what other people have that you don't
  • Getting triggered in relationships (clients and personal) maybe even getting into a downward spiral.
  • Feeling on top of the world, inspired, ambitious then go through a lull of low-energy, self-doubt, self-judgment.
  • Knowing what your next steps are but getting caught up in emotional processing, self-doubt and financial worries.
  • Seeing other women’s posts, videos, blogs… knowing that you could have done it..but you didn’t, knowing you want to share your wisdom, to feel beautiful, to feel courageous and inspire thousands…..but you’re afraid to put yourself out there.
  • Felt confident at other times in your life but unable to re-access it consistently.
  • You know you’re the only thing in your way….and you’re great at judging yourself for that.
  • Feeling challenged by speaking up for yourself, claiming needs or setting appropriate boundaries
  • You are affected by how many likes/comments/followers you have on social media - You may even secretly desire the inspiring women leaders you look up to to see your wisdom and gifts.

Topics Covered:

  • How to not take things personally
  • Shifting overwhelm, stress, confusion, and distraction
  • Building Authentic Confidence and Self-Trust
  • Taking Clear Consistent Courageous Actions towards your dreams
  • Emotion and Mindset Mastery
  • How to be Magnetic
  • Dissolving the Rush and Illusion of Urgency
  • Designing custom effective lifestyle for maximum enjoyment and results
  • Creating from Feminine Ease without the "making it happen" or Pushing energy
  • Moving beyond Trauma Triggers and Unworthiness
  • Sacred Sisterhood - Shifting competition and jealousy into mutual upliftment
  • The Art of Surrender and Listening


Drama, Stress, Confusion, Triggers, Overwhelm, Holding back, Anxiety, Doubt, Insecurities, Taking things personally, Shame, Repeating patterns, 'Failure', Mistakes, Self-sabotage, Feeling Rushed, Emotional Processing, Procrastination



Confidence, Love, Magic, Energy, Ease, Passion, Money, Excitement, Purpose, Magnetism, Inspiration, Consistency, Clarity, Fun, Connection, Focus, Effectiveness, Time, Fuck Yeah moments, Romance, Miracles, Spaciousness, Trust, Flow, 

The Results of this Empowering Journey:  

  • Shift any downward spiral into Soaring Confidence.
  • Harness the power of your emotions so you can Manifest Radical Success.
  • Be Irresistibly Magnetic for your ideal client/job
  • Effectively shift gears when things don’t go the way you want.
  • Dissolve the illusion of urgency and rush so you can be Massively more effective.
  • Direct the voices in your head so can Enjoy your Life and Accelerate your dreams
  • Navigate Life gracefully and authentically - joyfully sharing your gifts.
  • Create a life that's more aligned with your potential rather than any repetitive self-sabotage.
  • Act from the truth that you are worthy, capable, and your gifts are needed so you can financially support yourself doing what you love.
  • Effectively Recenter when you feel Off - Not be knocked off your feet by events
  • Get rid of the draining drama weighing you down so you have More Time!
  • Rebuild self-trust and learn to schedule your time more effectively

WARNING: Side Effects! 

Increasing your confidence, emotional mastery and magnetism in the arena of taking inspired action towards your dreams and priorities will create increased health-passion-romance-magic and being on the Same Team dynamic for your romantic relationship (Or if you'll single you'll speed up meeting your next partner/lover)…… and you'll have WAY more fun with you friends, magnetize some new epic ones, and experience greater harmony in your family dynamics.


The Juicy Details: 

  • 12 Weeks of New Skills
  • 10 Carefully Selected Women
  • 6 Group Calls (every Sunday evening)
  • 6 30min Private Coaching Sessions (At your convenience)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Supplementary Worksheets and Videos
  • VALUE: $3000
  • Investment: Only $600/Month (Total $1800)

Awakened Woman Retreat Sisterhood


Kayt Pearl, Musician/Performance Artist

I really enjoyed the accountability aspect of the program. I found it to be pivotal, to set goals with Emma that were specific then touchbase later, and then hear the encouraging direct question: What’s Next? It was quite uniquely powerful.I haven’t been open to that in the past.

Emma's style is a refinement process I appreciate, that helps deconstruct rather than letting it be nebulous… breaking the seeming challenges and goals down with a structured process. I loved the worksheets and how they were supportive for the work on the call but not dependent on it.They were not just echoes, but additional very supportive material that lent more of a depth, greater dimensions to it.

Daniela Gil, Holistic Health Coach

This program has been incredible supportive! The one-on-one sessions, group calls, and worksheets, brought me a lot of clarity and inspired action. In particular messaging with Emma, I could express what I was stuck with and she would bounce it back with more clear direction which dissolved the confusion.

The worksheets helped me be present with my intentions, explore them, express them and really feel them to a depth. They would plants seeds in my mind and then come up later on which was really beneficial. This really assisted in integrating what I was learning, setting me up for self-counseling and self-coaching. With other coaches I would feel really good talking to them and after I would go back to how I felt, the energy would dissipate. With this program I was invited to take direct action and the transformation became a part of me, coming into everything part of my life and shifting it.

Your Bonuses:

  • Private Facebook Group (I will be commenting intermittently on your posts)
  • 5 Kundalini Yoga Videos (Any level)
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins on your goals/tasks
  • Custom Videos based on Your requests

The Value

I'm going against what most business coaches would tell me to do which would be to charge at least 3 times my pricing because You are receiving 3 hours of private coaching, 6 hours group coaching, networking, accountability, facebook group, and other juicy bonuses.

Honestly, though it's true clients receive more when they invest more - I want this to be accessible to women entrepreneurs who are at the brink of their next success level - when they're choosing to create a major life upgrade.

Thus offering this at $150/week, equivalent to 3-4 nice meals out.

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